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Building great employee experiences takes a combination of education, design, implementation, monitoring and optimization. It includes processes involving social interactions, digital workflows, and physical spaces. While much of an experience may happen outside of the digital realm, there is a significant amount of it that can be orchestrated digitally.

The Cravety Next Best Action Acceleration Model™ provides a framework to provide a personalized employee journey that is continuously optimized. Utilizing journey orchestration, a personalization and machine learning platform that we refer to as the Next Best Action Accelerator™, and other integrated systems, the NBA Acceleration Model combines these into a system that grows more effective and efficient over time. Fundamentally, the model describes an approach to providing employees with an experience that delivers optimized and personalized:

  • Onboarding

  • Communications 

  • Incentives

  • Workflows

The fundamental idea of being able to orchestrate complex employee journeys in an automated fashion has long been a dream of organizations everywhere. Automated journey orchestration has applications that also include operational efficiencies, cost savings and improvements in employee motivation, retention, and productivity. The heart of these journeys relies upon a concept called Next Best Action, or NBA. NBA is the opportunity to consider any unique journey point and to determine the most valuable next step to continue the journey and increase employee engagement and retention. The purpose of this white paper is to introduce NBA and to describe models and approaches that can be leveraged to deliver truly transformative employee experiences.

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