The Brand Chemistry Maturity Model™ in Practice


Our methodology to evaluate and assess an organization’s employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) maturity and its return on investment in experience design (RoX).

In this follow-up to our introductory article, we will discuss more about how the Brand Chemistry Maturity Model™ is used.

The 10 Elements of the Brand Chemistry Maturity Model™

At each stage in the Brand Chemistry Maturity Model, we use specific categories to analyze and assess an organization’s capabilities and maturity across the 2 primary elements: employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX). Thus, we measure acceleration across the entire organization using 10 elements:

  1. Strategic Alignment

  2. Ideation & Roadmap

  3. Organizational Cohesion

  4. On-Brand Culture & Behavior 

  5. Physical & Virtual Environment

  6. AI & Data Science Application

  7. Information Technology

  8. Methodology 

  9. KPIs/ROI

  10. Compliance

For an organization to achieve true brand chemistry, they need to pay attention to the 10 identified elements. For the best results, it requires a well-balanced approach across these elements. An organization which is very mature in one area but lacking on others, will face issues. As such it is important for organizations to understand which elements they are strongest and weakest at, in order to create a plan to improve each. This often involves focusing on weaker elements, while having a more gradual plan to gradually improve the elements in which they are already strong. 

This will allow organizations to recognize where their weaknesses and strengths are when it comes to implementing experience initiatives.

We also acknowledge that some organizations are much more advanced in one area or another between customer and employee experience. Understanding the size of the gap between the maturity of CX and EX is another outcome of going through this exercise and can often help organizations determine where to focus some of their immediate efforts.

Application of the Brand Chemistry Maturity Model™

An organization that is investing in experience can use the Cravety Brand Chemistry Model to guide its journey toward receiving true return on experience (RoX). 

Cravety uses this model to assess an organization and determine the best and most appropriate course of action to take it successfully from its current state to the optimal “Transform” state, or the 5th stage in the model. Organizations receive a “report card” (pictured on the right) that visualizes where they are in overall maturity as well as maturity according to the 10 elements. 

In addition to assessing where an organization currently stands, the assessment also identifies industry or competitor benchmarks as well as company targets along each of the elements.

We work with our customers to improve these according to a customized, agile sprint-based plan to bring the organization to the next level of acceleration. This collaborative approach allows teams within the organization to contribute ideas and work to accelerate the organization’s experience initiatives.

We can help your organization both understand where you are in the acceleration curve, as well as how to best achieve the type of growth in your experience initiatives that you need to stay competitive.

Contact us if you have more questions or download the white paper.

Greg Kihlstrom