Next Best Action Acceleration Model™ for Employee Experience


Applying an AI/ML-driven next best action model to hyper-personalize EX within the enterprise

Building great employee experiences takes a combination of education, design, implementation, monitoring and optimization. It includes processes involving social interactions, digital workflows, and physical spaces. While much of an experience may happen outside of the digital realm, there is a significant amount of it that can be orchestrated digitally.

While initially thought of in terms of marketing and sales and in the customer experience realm, automated experience journey orchestration for employee experience (EX) has applications that also include operational efficiencies, improved productivity, and even employee motivation. The heart of these journeys relies upon a concept called Next Best Action, or NBA. NBA is the opportunity to consider any unique journey point and to determine the most valuable next step to continue the journey to its successful completion. The purpose of this whitepaper is to introduce NBA to an employee experience-focused audience and to describe models and approaches that can be leveraged to deliver truly transformative experiences. 

The Cravety Next Best Action Acceleration Model™ for employee experience is based on our previous work on NBA for customer experience. The principles remain the same, though the decision sets and other criteria have been reimagined for the work environment.

The full employee experience (EX) using Next Best Action

The full employee experience (EX) using Next Best Action

The Model

We have based this on a model that applies equally to decision making and measurement in the employee experience and customer experience. Because of its flexibility and modularity, we are also able to provide a combined next best action approach.

The Cravety Next Best Action Acceleration Model™ provides a framework to provide a personalized employee and employer journey that is continuously optimized as an employee progresses through the journey. Utilizing employee journey orchestration, a personalization and machine learning platform that we refer to as the Next Best Action Accelerator™, and other associated communication, process management, and other channels, the NBA Acceleration Model combines these into a system that grows more effective and efficient over time. Fundamentally, the model describes an approach to providing employees with an experience that delivers optimized and personalized:

  • Education and promotion opportunities

  • Personalized communications 

  • Employee Incentives and motivational opportunities

  • Performance assessments and evaluations

  • Recommendations for Decisions (for Internal Audiences)

Next Steps

The power of the Cravety Next Best Action Acceleration Model™ for employee experience can be seen in many applications related to employees and employers:

  1. Increasing employee retention by increasing satisfaction and motivation

  2. Increasing individual employee productivity

  3. Identifying opportunities to create higher-performing teams

  4. Streamlining the decision-making process by reducing consideration points

The Cravety Next Best Action Acceleration Model™ can also be leveraged to create and deliver powerful new product and service types. This approach is fundamentally transforming customer experience and driving the most valuable type of engagement in today’s hyper-complex world: loyalty.

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Greg Kihlstrom