When Mid-Atlantic powerhouse Miles & Stockbridge named Ed as its Chief Experience Officer in 2016, he became the first person among U.S. law firms to hold the role. The firm's client experience model was later published as a case study in the 2018 book "Innovations in Client Experience" by Wilmington's Ark Group. Ed previously served as head of brand and communications for Select Medical (NYSE: SEM), a public company with 43,000 employees. In 2011, while Ed was building an in-house marketing agency for the healthcare giant, the company’s CEO asked him to help design a sweeping change management effort around patient and employee experience. That became the Select Medical Way, the defining touchstone of how the $5 billion company continues to do business today -– with human-centered decision-making and culture at its core.

In 2018, Ed founded Cravety to help organizations reach business goals through an experience-led strategy. Ed frequently consults on the future of marketing, user experience, and talent branding strategy, and is a sought-after public speaker, trainer, and facilitator. He is the co-founder of the Baltimore/Chesapeake network of the Customer Experience Professionals Association and Hacking HR Baltimore.

Ed’s background includes communications and marketing leadership roles with the Fulbright Scholar Program, Johns Hopkins University, and JA Worldwide. Ed was also appointed director of outreach and communications for the U.S. Department of the Treasury by the President of the United States.

Ed can be reached at ed@cravety.com or on LinkedIn.