enabling business acceleration

Cravety helps organizations use data science solutions to gain competitive advantage. Cravety works with companies to accelerate business results by improving their AI, teams, and processes. We do this through evaluation, training, and consulting.


 data science solutions

data strategy

We identify analytical opportunities deep within organizations. We then use strategy, assessments and planning to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and governance.

core data science

We build predictive, optimization and recommender systems that enable clients to use data to generate value. These systems leverage advanced mathematical and statistical algorithms to deliver insights and enhance decisions of key stakeholders within the organization.

fractional data scientists

To save the expense of hiring full-time employees, we embed fractional data scientists within organizations. This allows organizations to test the waters of their data with qualified data scientists and determine if a full-time employee is required.


We deploy our machine learning, optimization and recommendation algorithms into production systems to integrate with existing applications and add value to our client’s business. These mathematical models are often deployed via APIs so that they can integrate programmatically and in a modular way. We can leverage data science platforms to support these efforts.

data science training

Our training services help data scientists and managers understand how to accelerate their organization’s data science implementations, and other workshops or custom trainings.


We work with clients to augment existing data science teams with the “right fit” team members. Our staffing model can accommodate a data science maturity model assessment or add independent value.

 data science maturity


The Cravety team has worked with many types of organizations over the years to improve business results from technology investments. We understand what is required to embed AI in the organization in a way that it will contribute to bottom line results. We have developed the Cravety Acceleration Model™ that helps organizations understand where they are in the AI journey and what needs to happen to accelerate getting better business results out of AI initiatives.

For this, the Cravety Acceleration Model identifies 8 dimensions that require an organization’s attention. And an organization needs to improve balanced across these dimensions in order to deliver the transformation that AI can deliver. The improvement is identified based on 5 velocity stages.

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