Mike Gardner Joins Cravety as EVP Of Employee Experience and Talent Branding

Cravety, a leading customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) strategy and design firm, today announced that former chief people officer and marketing executive Mike Gardner has joined the company as Executive Vice President of Employee Experience and Talent Branding. Gardner most recently worked as EVP of Business Strategy at the Gigawatt Group, a Three Seas Company in Washington, D.C.

At Cravety, Gardner will lead the employee experience and talent branding practice, working with the firm’s experts to design business architecture and more human-centric workflows that reduce turnover and drive employee engagement and productivity. To help employers further attract and retain talent, Gardner will also build a team to deliver compelling employer brand strategies.

“Losing talent because of poor experiences at work is costly but preventable. We’re building a rock-star team of designers, behaviorial scientists, and programmers to address a pain point for both employers and the humans that work there.Through our cultural analytics, human-centric design and technology, we’ll craft better candidate experiences, onboarding experiences, and everyday work experiences. Once that’s in place, we’ll design compelling communications to tell the marketplace about the employer, but in a new and much more authentic way, backed up by healthy cultures and a more frictionless experience. Cravety has created a 21st century approach to how employees actually want to work and be productive, and I could not be more excited to come aboard as one of its leaders.”

“We’re seeing an interesting convergence between how neuroscientists, marketing professionals, and business leaders think about connecting brand to employee to customer,” said Ed Bodensiek, Cravety’s founder and CEO. “Everyone now wants to deliver a compelling experience, and not just to customers, but to their own employees, especially with unemployment rates so low. As a seasoned executive in both HR and marketing, Mike offers the ideal background and skill set to help clients connect what’s on the inside to what’s on the outside.”

As a next-generation brand experience agency, Cravety’s growing roster also includes experts in user experience (UX), data science, artificial intelligence, and behaviorial science.

“Businesses want to move past the old transactional HR approach and build true brand ambassadors,” said Gardner. “People are beginning to understand the connections between delivering great experiences to both customers and employees, and what that means to the bottom line.”

Gardner has previously worked as Chief People Officer for Millennial Media, Director of Marketing in Digital Services for AOL, Senior Manager of Enterprise Product Development at Discovery Communications, and asa Brand Strategist Consultant for Verizon’s Brand Global Launch. 

About Cravety

We believe human contact and human-centered design has become a luxury people crave from the brands they interact with, and from the employers they choose to work for. It's why we're obsessed with creating deeply human brand experiences. We innovate in unique ways, blending customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and user experience (UX) methodologies and tech into solutions that deliver joy. Through a highly intentional alignment of purpose, people, product and place, we help clients create on-brand journeys to win and keep customers and talent.Working with organizations such as Coca-Cola, CareFirst, Honeywell,the City of Baltimore, the University of Miami and others, Cravety designs and creates brands and cultures that both customers and employees crave.www.cravety.com

Greg Kihlstrom