about cravety


Move from brand promising to brand keeping.

In the Experience Economy, customers crave brands with empathy. They crave businesses that think through their human needs—carefully aligning process, people, product and place around a desired experience. The result is a competitive advantage and market differentiator like no other.

More potent than traditional marketing, a well-designed system of emotionally charged touchpoints can inspire fierce customer loyalty. Word-of-mouth leaps from social media to third-party review sites and back again. Other customers respond in kind, and recruit even more customers.  

We believe delivering memorable experiences is next-gen branding. We also believe the best way to achieve it is to start on the inside.



Installing an experience platform unites employees with a renewed sense of purpose. Deployed correctly, it supercharges them to innovate, collaborate and enjoy their work. It also changes behavior, nurturing a culture where employees rally around a common cause, ready to save customers and each other from the “gotcha” moments that weaken your brand.

Based on the simple idea that what you get on the inside, you get on the outside, an experience platform connects Employee Experience (EX) to Customer Experience (CX). It helps businesses align the systems, relationships, and strategies to take better care of your employees, so they take better care of your customers.

Building an experience platform ensures that your brand promise matches your brand intention.